Q: Do you ship internationally? 

A: No, at this time Walker Communications does not ship internationally. The shipping charges are much to high for our customers to pay and often the hassle involved with sending something out of the country is simply just not worth it. 

Q: Do you have a real store? 

A: Yes! Walker Communications is located in the western part of Kentucky, and we make our home in a small town called Madisonville. More than likely you've never heard of our hometown, but that's ok. If you're ever in the area feel free to stop by, you will be more than welcome at our place of business. 

Q: Do you take offers on products? 

A: No, sadly even though it is the favorite pastime of many Amateur Radio Operators to haggle with dealers our prices are firm. Whatever the listed price for a product is on this site is the price that must be paid. 

Q: Are your items used? 

A: No, Walker Communications does not sell used merchandise on our online store. All items posted on the site are new in the package. Our prices are not a reflection of the quality of an item but rather the desire we have to make sure our friends in the HAM community are able to access the equipment they want for a price that doesn't break the bank. 

Q: Are you HAMS? 

A: The owner operator of Walker Communications is an Amateur Radio Operator. His callsign is KC4FIE. Along with being a licensed HAM our owner and founder operates several UHF, VHF, and Digital repeaters in our area. If you're ever passing through western Kentucky and find yourself on a machine, more than likely you will hear him. 


Any other questions can be submitted to the site by email. If a question is received often enough its answer will be added to this page.

Thank you.